Welcome to my recommendations section! Here you will find a whole assortment of enjoyable things. If you know what you want to find, to see if I have said anything about it, then go ahead and click on any of the links you see on the top or bottom of the page. This sub-navigation will always appear on every page in my recommendations section.

When you click on one of the links, you will be taken to that section of the site, and the area you clicked on will become dark and bold, and will no longer be clickable.

Here's a basic run-through of each section there is:

Books can be sorted by type (genre), author, year published, or title (alphabetically). From this part of the recommendations section, you will be able to buy just about any book you see from my homepage. I will rate books with a star system (up to five stars).

Computer-shopping can be rather tedious and confuzzling. That's why I'm recommending computers to people. I will also rate computers with a 1-5 star system. Computers can be sorted by just about all of the specs available, like Hard Disk Space, Processor Speed, Price, etc.

I know I'm always looking for a good game to eradicate boredom. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Here you can find all sorts of games, ranging from board games to electronic games (handheld, computer, gaming console). Games can be sorted by all of their attributes. There are two separate sections for electronic games and non-electronic games. A board game that requires batteries does not count as an electronic game.

Music can be sorted by genre, artist, price, etc. My music recommendations can be searched by artist, genre, album (if applicable), song, and general price range. I especially like this feature because of the search-by-genre option. That way, you can always find new music that whets your musical palette.

Websites can be sorted by categories, my star ratings, or alphabetically. I will always specify what I liked about a site. I add sites based on three criteria: Content, Design, Usability. If I really like the site, I'll give the webmaster an award.

If you seek any further information, please feel free to contact me.

CCP -- Christopher Charles Parker