Below is a listing of all contact information I am willing to give out to the public. I used to display my e-mail address everywhere, and that ended up with me getting over 100 SPAM messages a week. So now, I display my e-mail address nowhere whatsoever. You'll just have to use the methods listed below. I'll have a contact form here if Tripod ever decides to fix their method of e-mail sending.

Please do NOT use any of this information provided on this page to send me mass messages of any kind. I don't want chain letters, SPAM, pr0n offers, or anything like that. Don't send me any of those stupid friendship tests, either. I delete them. I don't use the hotmail address anymore, so have fun adding it to all of your addresses on your SPAM address lists. (I'm not saying do it, but if you do you'll just be wasting your time. I never check that inbox anymore.)


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