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Christopher C. Parker
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Short-Term Goal:
To attain a summer internship at a local software firm.

Long-Term Goal:
To become a successful programmer.

  • Programming and Coding - I have experience with the following languages:
    • C/C++
    • Java, JScript
    • Visual Basic, VBScript
    • Perl, PerlScript
    • HTML/CSS
    • XML/XSL

  • Windows OS Troubleshooting - I am able to help others resolve various problems when dealing with the Microsoft Windows Operating System

  • Hardware Installation - I can open a computer and install/fix virtually any piece of hardware on the motherboard.

  • Built my own computer for home use.
  • Helped initiate and manage a student-run web development business.
  • Became assistant web administrator at the Massachusetts Department of Education.
  • Resolved a date problem with the Y2K "glitch" in a WWW bulletin board system.

Work History:
June 2000 C.E. - August 2000 C.E.: Project Manager & Coder
Youth Tech Entrepreneurs Web Business

November 1999 C.E. - June 2000 C.E.: Assistant Web Administrator
Massachusetts Department of Education

June 1999 C.E. - August 1999 C.E.: Landscaping, Moving Furniture
Employment Resources, Inc.

March 1998 C.E. - May 1998 C.E.: Refurbished Toner Cartridges
Imaging Technologies

High School Graduate, to be Attending College in the Fall of 2001 C.E. (XXXVI A.S.) -- Associate in Arts/Computer Science @ Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, MA

I love to learn. I'll willingly spend my free time teaching myself something new.

Last Updated: Saturday, August 4, 2001 C.E. (XXXVI A.S.)

CCP -- Christopher Charles Parker