The Infernal names are listed here in alphabetical order purely to simplify referral to them.

When calling the names, all of them may be recited, or a given number of those most significant to the respective working may be chosen.

Whether all or only some of the names are called, they must be taken out of the rigidly organized form in which they are listed here and arranged in a phonetically effective roster.

Abaddon Euronymous O-Yama
Adramelech Fenriz Pan
Ahpuch Gorgo Pluto
Ahriman Haborym Proserpine
Amon Hecate Pwcca
Apollyn Ishtar Rimmon
Asmodeus Kali Sabazios
Astaroth Lilith Sammael
Azazel Loki Samnu
Baalberith Mammon Sedit
Balaam Mania Sekhmet
Baphomet Mantus Set
Bast Marduk Shaitan
Beelzebub Mastema Shamad
Behemoth Melek Taus Shiva
Beherit Mephistopheles Supay
Bilé Metztli T'an-mo
Chemosh Mictian Tchort
Cimeries Midgard Tezcatlipoca
Coyote Milcom Thamuz
Dagon Moloch Thoth
Damballa Mormo Tunrida
Demogorgon Naamah Typhon
Diabolus Nergal Yaotzin
Dracula Nihasa Yen-lo-Wang
Emma-O Nija  

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