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Christopher Parker (yours truly)

Today I just finished chatting in an IRC channel #xeper. I was asked one question and I ended up "spilling my guts". I've wanted to somehow verbalize what was in my brain for some time now, and this is finally a documentation. I figured I'd add it to my library and share for all to see.

The chat log remains in its original form, completely un-edited.

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*** Topic is 'I am alone there is no god where I am. - Liber Al Chapter 2 v 23 (Topic of discussion for the week: Invocation) TYPEOGHOUL has sexy legs and perfect tits'
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<Humlock> hello folks
<CParker15> Hey.
<Humlock> do you know hermetics?
<CParker15> Nope.
<Humlock> how old are you?
<CParker15> I'm 17, soon to be 18.
<Humlock> ok
<Humlock> I'm 20
<Humlock> so, what things have you studied?
<Humlock> *or are you studying*
<CParker15> In relation to...
<Humlock> er...
<CParker15> The occult?
<Humlock> I had esoteric studies in mind
<Humlock> yes
<CParker15> Well, I started out reading LaVey. That school of thought is extremely limited, however. I then moved on to Crowley and Lovecraft. The last book I've read is the Necronomicon.
<Humlock> oh, I see
<CParker15> I've read other things besides books.
<CParker15> I get most of my materials from the Internet.
<Humlock> are you or were you a satanist?
<CParker15> I am a Pantheist that fancies the Satanic imagery.
<Necromantic> I'm a polypantheist.
<CParker15> :)
<CParker15> (I guess that's what you'd consider me: Pantheist.)
<Humlock> what a pantheist then?
<Humlock> devil worshipper??
<CParker15> I always considered myself a Chaos Magician.
<Necromantic> According to pantheism, All is God.
<CParker15> Yes.
<Necromantic> According to my version of pantheism, GOD is the transfinite potential that is the substrate of everything.
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<CParker15> Have you seen the movie "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within"?
<Humlock> nope
<CParker15> Hmmm...
<CParker15> Err...
<Humlock> is it good?
<CParker15> Well... If you want to know more about what *I* mean, then I suggest you go here:
<CParker15> It is phenominal!
<CParker15> Minus all of the drama, it describes exactly what I see as the truth.
<CParker15> The theory behind it, I mean.
<Humlock> I'm not very interested in satanism
<Humlock> it has never appealed to me
<CParker15> Yes..
<CParker15> Have you ever heard of a daemon?
<Humlock> daemon? is that something other than a demon?
<CParker15> Well, the word "demon" derived from the word "daemon".
<CParker15> "Daemon" means "angel".
<Humlock> oh
<Humlock> just that?
<CParker15> Yep.
<CParker15> I see a daemon as a highly evolved energy.
<CParker15> Some call this energy a chi, some an unconscious, some a soul, some a spirit.
<Humlock> that's a bit odd...but what about it?
<CParker15> This energy is present in all living things, and all of this energy is the same, and connected for it is the same.
<CParker15> Hence, we are each a unit of "god". We are all one. The All is One
<CParker15> "god" = the All
<CParker15> A "daemon" is a more highly evolved form of the energies that reside within us.
<CParker15> The Christians call them angels.
<CParker15> They're also known as genies. (sp?)
<CParker15> Since we are all a part of one thing, some of us are able to see that, and see past the limitations of the vessels in which we reside, and are able to manipulate other things which this energy resides in.
<Humlock> er...
<CParker15> This manipulation is sometimes called "ESP".
<Humlock> isn't an angel just a higher life form?
<CParker15> That's what I'm saying. Only I use the label of "daemon".
<Humlock> but you're also saying that we have "angel(s)" within us!
<CParker15> When a "daemon" is "born" into a material body, their "powers" of "ESP" can be even greater.
<CParker15> For they do not reside on this plane, but outside of all planes.
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<CParker15> Only a part of them is "born"; not their entire essence.
<Humlock> that seems a little strange to me
<CParker15> To "xeper", to me, is to work towards my chi/aura/spirit/soul/unconscious becoming more evolved.
<CParker15> So that my material mind may be unlocked from its physical limitations...
<Cyricist> to what gain?
<CParker15> Enlightenment.
<Cyricist> how do you know that when you physical body dies, your spirit just dissolves into nothingness...
<CParker15> You mean the electrical activity in the brain ceases?
<Cyricist> whatever you want to call it
<CParker15> The ceasing of brain electrical activity is just the end of an incarnation -- not the end of the span of the "spirit".
<CParker15> The "spirit" is merely mapped onto the physical brain.
<CParker15> This explains why chi meridians run in meridians, but the body's nervous system seems rather sparodic.
<CParker15> And treatments for both work.
<CParker15> When the body has an ailment, there could be one of two reasons for the ill condition: either there is something wrong with the physical body, or there is something wrong with the chi flow, which in turn causes malfunction in the physical body: there being nothing wrong with the physical body itself.
<Cyricist> so a person who does a lot of tai chi or qi gong would never get sick?
<CParker15> If the man "Jesus" did actually exist, he was a "daemon". Because of his highly evolved essence, he understood how the chi system worked, along with the rest of the Universe. He couldn't explain how, but he just could. That's how he healed by touching. Chi masters also heal by touching, only they're not able to do it with a simple touch of the finger.
<CParker15> That's *IF* he existed.
<CParker15> Well, you tell me, Cyricist. In China, there are Chi masters in their 90s that can still move around as if they were in their 20s.
<CParker15> People that actually practice Tai Chi will rarely get sick. The people who just go through the movements a lot are just wasting their time.
<CParker15> The people who actually "feel their center of chi" are the ones who are helping along the flow of chi.
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<CParker15> In order for you to have a healthy chi flow, you must have a healthy and satisfied body.
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<CParker15> This is why I also incorporate Satanism into my philosophy structure, as Satanism promotes indulgence and the satisfying of the body.
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<Cyricist> but a chi master will eventually die. why?
<CParker15> Only with the needs of the physical body met first can one continue on the path of evolving their "spirit".
<CParker15> Because a chi master's body is made of matter. You have to take western science into consideration, also.
<CParker15> The body still does become damaged, and the cells die. After a while, new cells are no longer produced, and after time the entire body is composed of old and damaged cells. Therefore, the vessel ceases to function.
<Cyricist> Satanists emphasize indulgence too much IMHO
<CParker15> Yes. The LaVeyan Satanists do.
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<CParker15> A lot of people get carried away with the "indulgence" theme.
<Tehuti> 93
<CParker15> 93/93
<Necromantic> 93 ... 99
<CParker15> lol
<CParker15> "Indulgence In Moderation" is what I say.
<CParker15> A lot of people I associate with would agree with that.
<CParker15> I mean... It may just be me, but how can someone concentrate on anything if they're horny as hell?
<CParker15> Or if they have a craving for something?
<CParker15> I can't, so I take care of it, then continue with what I was doing.
<CParker15> Physical needs need to be met before "spiritual" needs. Deprivation of these needs will result in going nowhere.
<CParker15> Here's a page that describes about "daemons":
<Cyricist> but some people neglect one or the other
<Tehuti> exactly
<CParker15> And because they neglect one or the other, there's an imbalance.
<TYPEOgh0ul> 93
<Tehuti> TYPEOgh0ul - i have a big test coming up and i cant concentrate hon... do you mind?
<Cyricist> i dislike Lord Egan 
<CParker15> With that imbalance, there can be no growth.
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<TYPEOgh0ul> big test?
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<Tehuti> nothing TYPEOgh0ul.... just wantr to make sweet passionate love with you
<CParker15> Cyricist, that's your right.
<TyphonChrist> Aloha..
<CParker15> Aloha, Christ.
<TyphonChrist> topic?
<Tehuti> wb TyphonChrist
<Cyricist> when I retire I'm moving to Hawaii...
<CParker15> lol
<CParker15> Cyricist, is it because of the rumors?
<Cyricist> which rumors?
<CParker15> Example: the NAMBLA accusations
<TyphonChrist> dude.. crack head dog loves bottle caps
<Cyricist> As a former "priest" the FCoS that I joined and the FCoS that I resigned from were not the same
<CParker15> Ahh..
<TyphonChrist> yes they were..
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<[224]> mother of god.. my dog is insane..
<Tehuti> it'i was born from nothing before nothing became'
<Tehuti> -it
<[224]> i am that i am entertaining..
<[224]> oh, hey, Tehuti, i'm in the A.'.A.'. now..
<Tehuti> oh?
<Tehuti> sweet!
<Tehuti> you get in touch with Bersson or his lot... or find someone closer to home, or what?
<CParker15> Well, I'm glad I didn't bore everyone to death... I must get going.
<Tehuti> no CParker15 - that was refreshing (and i didnt even catch it all).. we need more good conversation like that
<Tehuti> Agape!
<Cyricist> your user name sounds familiar...
<CParker15> Me?
<[224]> i made it into an offshoot of the Ray Eales lineage.. which i believe decends from Motta..
<Tehuti> oh ok
<Tehuti> kool
<Cyricist> charles parker?
<CParker15> I'm on the FCoS list... And I'm often in the IRC channel. You could've seen me on either of those...
<CParker15> Christopher Charles Parker
<[224]> the lineage that re-instituted the student grade..
<Tehuti> i have read conversations Eales had via email with someone..i forget who... a former student or mentor maybe
<[224]> Tehuti, yes.. that is my new 'mentor'..
<[224]> his former student..
<Cyricist> oh, i've been to your website i think
<Tehuti> oh ok, kool... i liked what i read by him... he really seemed to have been more 'solid' than Eales
<[224]> he was 2=9 at least, before he left.. he may have been 3=8
<CParker15> Ohhh. I thought no one ever visited that. Cool. :)
<CParker15> Well, take care.
<[224]> that is because Eales professes he has no ego..
<CParker15> Hail Thyselves!
<Tehuti> Agape!
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