On the Town

Lakewood Mountains Resort is located on the outskirts of Erewhon, California, one of many historic gold-mining towns established in the 19th century. The townspeople are warm and friendly. You'll be able to combine sightseeing with shopping.

Windmill01.jpg (19010 bytes) Visit the original Erewhon Power Plant, which generated electricity for miners during the California gold rush. The power plant was attacked by Don Quixote during his "American period."
Harbor_town.jpg (39436 bytes) Visit the Erewhon harbor, where fishing boats go out to sea every morning at dawn and return with their day's catch every evening.
chinatwn.jpg (27657 bytes) Visit Erewhon's Chinatown for nightlife and a wide variety of Chinese cultural and gastronomic delights.
Grocery.jpg (77472 bytes) Shop at the Erewhon Grocery, open 24 hours a day, where you'll find the highest-quality foods at reasonable prices.

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